Tips from a Residential Electrician: Electrical Safety at Home

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Tips from a Residential Electrician: Electrical Safety at Home Electrical fires are a serious risk that threaten the safety of your home. As residential electricians, we want to help you stay safe in your home while properly maintaining your home’s electrical system.

Check out some of our top tips for reducing the risk of electrical fire in your home and safely using your electrical system:

  • Whenever you install a new appliance or piece of technology in your home, always read the directions first. If you feel any sort of “shock” when plugging in or using the device, stop what you are doing immediately and call a residential electrician.
  • If you use an electrical socket to extend the number of outlets you have available, never overload the socket. Only plug in a few extra devices to this system to prevent overloading it and creating a fire hazard.
  • If an electrical cord is fraying or damaged in any way, stop using it. Damaged electrical cords are a serious fire risk and can cause electrocution if you aren’t careful.
  • When an appliance isn’t being used, unplug it. Not only can this reduce electrical hazards, but it can also help you cut back on your electrical bill.
  • Never use electrical appliances or devices near water to avoid shock.

We want to make sure that you’re using electricity safely at your home to reduce the risk of fires and serious shock. For more information about electrical safety and how we can safeguard your home’s electrical system, contact us to speak to a residential electrician.