What Happens During a Commercial Electrical Inspection?

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Here at Strategic Electrical Solutions Inc., we strongly recommend having a commercial electrical inspection performed at your building on an annual basis. By having regular inspections done, you can ensure that all parts of your building’s electrical system, including the wiring, continue to be in proper working condition. An inspection can also identify potential issues that could elevate the risk of electrical fires or electrical shocks.

What Happens During a Commercial Electrical Inspection?

When we come and perform a commercial electrical inspection at your building, one of our electricians will ensure that your lighting, equipment, and other electrical items are working as they should be. We will also look over your building’s electrical panels to make sure that they comply with current codes. These codes can change from time to time, so an electrical inspection can help you determine if you need to upgrade your panels.

During your commercial electrical inspection, we may also inspect the following areas to ensure that everything is in good working order:

  • The wiring method used throughout your building
  • Whether the wiring method used is still a suitable setup for your building and its electrical needs
  • How many bends are in each individual conduit
  • Whether corrosion protection could be beneficial for your electrical system

After we complete the inspection, we will provide a comprehensive report that details our findings and recommendations. If you would like to schedule a commercial electrical inspection or learn more about the importance of regular inspections, reach out to us today.