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Our team offers a wide range of residential electrical services to help you keep your home in good working order.

Our team at Strategic Electrical Solutions Inc. has extensive experience in the electrical industry—over 25 years’ worth. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you keep the electrical system in your home or business in good working order. If you need electrical repairs, maintenance, inspections, or any other residential electrical services, we encourage you to give us a call to find out more about how we can help.

Residential Electrical Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The residential electrical services we offer include everything from inspections to installation. If you suspect there is a problem with your system, give us a call to have our team check it out—our experts will identify the issue and figure out the best way to fix it. We’ll explain the situation to you and go over our proposed solution. Then, with your approval, our team will get to work on making the necessary changes. We can also help you with energy use evaluations if your utility bills are too high.

With every job, we strive to get the task done right the first time, so you will never have to call us back to fix the same problem. Whether you need to get a part of your system repaired, replaced, or anything else, you can turn to us for effective, reliable residential electrical services.

Our team is proud to serve the Winston-Salem, North Carolina community, and we want to help you take the best care of your home. If you need residential electrical services of any kind, simply give us a call in order to get our experts on the job as soon as possible.

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